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Herbie is Here!

The Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC is pleased to announce the arrival of Herbie
a new sculpture  by Andreas von Huene.

Herbie was carved from the historic Yarmouth elm tree of the same name which was cut down in 2010.  The tree was over 100 feet tall, and 217 years old.

Andreas says:

"Heron is 106" tall, 21" across toes, 14" front- to back (not including base) and is one piece from beak to toes although the toes, tailfeather, and upper side of the leg are added. He is from the trunk where a branch came out, hence the open checking of the feather tips

The renowned furniture maker Chris Becksvoort called the woodworking and sculpture community together to put "Herbie"- the giant Elm of Yarmouth- to good use. I found this long, partially sawn piece and dreamt of its potential.

I spent the good part of a winter carving this beautiful wood and giving back to Herbie's memory."

Please note: Andreas will give a Gallery Talk on Sunday, March 1, 2015 from 3:30 to 5 pm at the Gallery.  The subject is "Keeping it Positive". Suggested fee $5.

Andreas von Huene:

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC
11 Centre Street, Bath, ME  04530

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